About Us

Endearing teddy bears, lovable ducks and charming lions are just a few of the scrap booking treasures on display at Crabby Cakes Studio. CEOs Christine Marting and Bobbi Hickman have built a unique handmade scrapbook album and custom layout business that has captured the imaginations of their customers. Their scrapbook designs are available exclusively on their website and in their Etsy shop, although they are worthy of gracing the shelves of the trendiest boutiques around.

Crabby Cakes Studio is a collaborative effort by two talented friends with very distinct design styles.  Bobbi’s style is sassier while Christine’s style is classic.  Once their varying design styles combine, the result is nothing short of spectacular.  Both artisans are inspired by a shared passion for quality artwork and take pleasure in sharing their crafting journey with others. They enjoy working with different mediums, such as rhinestones and ribbons, to create unique scrapbook elements that are unlike anything available online or in stores today.

Ingenuity and unsurpassed creativity is what sets these artisans apart from the rest. Bobbi and Christine have found a very comfortable niche selling online and provide their customers with the absolute best in scrapbook design. They have harnessed the best materials to create one of a kind designs. Not only are their pieces stunning, but also affordable. Each one is crafted to perfection by seasoned artisans whose ethos represents the best of the handmade marketplace.