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Why should I get a custom scrapbook?
  • Sometimes life gets in the way for all of us and may limit our time to be creative.
  • Maybe you have a vision, but not sure how to get started.
  • You just don’t have the time to create an album yourself
  • You are looking for a unique one of a kind gift.
  • You are looking for a unique corporate handmade gift.

Crabby Cakes Studio is here to help you with all these and more!  If you are wanting custom, one of a kind items such as scrapbook layouts, mini albums, large 12 x12 albums, cards, invitations, party banners or anything else…Crabby Cakes Studio is here to help make your vision a reality at affordable prices.

Crabby Cakes Studio has created unique albums for personal use, custom orders, corporate events, corporate gift baskets, and unique presentation albums for top interior designers. Crabby Cakes Studio even created a memorabilia scrapbook for a USA Olympic speed skater!

What is acid- and lignin-free paper?

Acid- and lignin-free papers have a neutral pH to help preserve your photos and memories for years to come. If paper is not acid-free it can deteriorate your photos. Lignin-free paper prevents the build-up of acid in the paper fibers. Cheaper paper has a high lignin content causing the paper to discolor and become brittle (like in old newsprint). I use acid- and lignin-free papers.

What is journaling? Can I include it on my pages?

Journaling is text that tells the story behind your photos. Journaling can be brief—a simple sentence or two—or a paragraph that describes the memories that the photos bring to mind. Yes, you can include journaling! We can print your journaling tags from our computer or leave space for your own handwritten message.

Can I include memorabilia in my scrapbook such as newspaper clippings and documents?

Absolutely!  Memorabilia can be fun whether you have newspaper clippings, theater tickets, receipts or hand-written notes. It’s a nice way to be reminded of a memorable event. Paper memorabilia will be treated with archival spray to protect the documents and surrounding photos.

What is a page layout?

There are two types of layouts: single page and double page. A single page layout refers to one side of a 6 x 6, 8 x 8,  or 12 x 12 page. A double page layout refers to two side-by-side pages (a left page and a right page) that typically have pictures relating to a single event. Most scrapbooks have a beginning single page followed by a series of double page spreads that ends with a single page. Pricing is based on single pages. For a 20-page album you will have 20 pages.

How many photos fit on a page?

It depends on the size of your scrapbook. 1 to 6 photos fit comfortably on a 12 x 12 page. Smaller scrapbooks (6 x 6,) fit 1 to 4 photos per page. The more photos per page the less decorative embellishments fit. We like to strike a balance between photos and embellishments.

6x6 or 12 x 12 . . . how do I choose the size of my scrapbook?

It depends on what your objective is. Is your scrapbook going to be a coffee table book that sits out all the time? Will it be given as a gift or is it something that you and your children will look at in the years to come? 12 x 12 albums fit more photos than the smaller sizes. However, the smaller albums are easier to hold on your lap.

What is my first step in ordering a scrapbook?

Once you’ve had your free consultation and made the decision to hire Crabby Cakes Studio, Crabby Cakes Studio will provide you with a written estimate. You’re required to sign a contract and pay 50% down before Crabby Cakes Studio will take possession of your photos and memorabilia. Following receipt of your payment we’ll schedule a planning call to cover specific details and guidelines for Crabby Cakes Studio to follow while creating your scrapbook.